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Todd Kaiser - Kaiser Logistics

About Kaiser Logistics, Inc.

Kaiser Logistics was started in 1996 by Todd Kaiser. Todd grew up in the trucking industry; he'd be the first to tell you it's in his blood.

It seemed only natural that he start a trucking business.

Over the years, Kaiser Logistics has grown and changed, consistently exceeding customer expectations with best-in-class customer service and now has a first-class, full-time staff extremely committed to the company's mission and to their customers.

Kaiser Logistics Mission Statement

Kaiser Logistics Inc provides cost-effective and high quality open deck freight solutions to customers all across the North America. Kaiser takes the worry out of large equipment moves. Safety and Customer care is the companies top goals.

Quality & Service

Kaiser Logistics Inc (KLI) has a niche that really sets them apart. Specializing in open deck LTL is where they shine. It is a business model in which everyone wins. KLI creates profitable loads, and their customers save money by not having to pay for an entire truck if they don’t need it.

According to Todd, the one thing that has kept the business successful over all these years is very simple:

"If we don’t serve the customer, someone else will."

That philosophy has helped Kaiser Logistics sustain their extraordinary customer service achievements for almost a 25 years.

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