About Us


About Kaiser Logistics, Inc.

We are a logistics provider dedicated to reliable transportation solutions through personal service. We help customers of all sizes from a variety of industries and take pride in maintaining our 99.5% customer satisfaction rating.

We provide services throughout all 48 states plus Canada with headquarters in Southern Wisconsin. Our knowledgeable team has more than 25 combined years of experience, working together to build our exceptional carrier network.

Our story illustrates how we have grown over the years and the steps we've taken to become an industry leader.


A History of Innovation

Kaiser Logistics was founded by Todd Kaiser in 2003. Todd grew up in the industry and always had a passion for taking on challenges and solving problems. Our focus started with Trailer Space Sharing – a new approach to LTL shipping.

Trailer Space Sharing

Working in the industry, Todd quickly realized that freight wasn’t always shipping in the most strategic way. For example, an industrial machine that only took up 40% of the trailer was shipping as a full truckload instead of sharing space with another piece, such as a generator. Todd saw an opportunity and our Trailer Space Sharing (TSS) model was created. You can learn more about it here.


Paving our own Lane

As we grew, we continued to follow the same innovative mindset that led to the creation of TSS. Our focus on using real-world experience to help people find transportation services specific to their needs has allowed us to pave our own lane in the industry. We’ve been able to grow our service capacity beyond open deck trailers and LTL shipments while remaining grounded in our foundation of reliability and personal service.


Today, we have an extensive, independent network of carefully vetted carriers – including a contracted, primary carrier. Our primary carrier operates the highest quality equipment, driven by true trucking professionals with exceptional safety ratings. This, in combination with our incredible team, allows us to provide a level of reliability you can’t find anywhere else.

We are a team of real people, with real knowledge and real passion for helping people like you “win” logistic challenges.