Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) and Trailer Space Sharing (TSS)

Thank you for showing interest in Kaiser and sharing our passion for Open-Deck LTL! We understand that getting your freight shipped can seem like a difficult task, even when you use truckload carriers that claim to “have it down”.

Our goal is to educate customers, price effectively, and get the freight where it needs, all while we maintain our 99.5% customer satisfaction rating, we’ve held for 6 months, over 5,000 + shipments. Our team lives by our owners saying:

“If we don’t serve the customer, someone else will.”

What is Open Deck LTL/Trailer Space Sharing (TSS)?

Trailer Space Sharing (TSS) is the application of LTL to open deck trailers.

“Open- Deck” refers to trailers that have no sides; this generally includes flatbeds, step decks, and double drops, which are utilized when something must be loaded from the side, top, or even rear of the trailer. These trailers are commonly used in the transportation of machinery, steel, generators, containers, etc.  The abbreviation “LTL” stands for “less-than-truckload” and use to be a term generalized in transportation when referring to vans or common carriers (such as FedEx, and USPS). 

In 1996 when our owner recognized an underserved customer base, lacking price-effective options, we merged the two, creating “TSS”, or Trailer Space Sharing. Open- Deck TSS shipping is a type of transportation that is used to ship partial open-deck shipments. In an industry that used to require customers to pay for a full 48FT and 48K on the trailer, now only requires customers to pay for the space they NEED when they utilize our model. 

This model is ideal for small businesses who may be eager to get their 10FT machine out to their first customer, all the way to Fortune 500 wanting to save money! We can offer solutions all the way around, too big or small businesses.

Why It Works

We have more than 25 years’ experience of solving open-deck transportation challenges. Small, medium, or large – we’ve helped companies of all sizes from all types of industries. Beyond that, we are truly passionate about what we do. Open-deck is our specialty, and we take pride in being our best, so you can deliver your best.

How It Works

Let’s say you have an industrial milling machine that you need shipped from Los Angeles, CA to Chicago, IL. We know it was a significant investment, so you need it transported safely and on-time, at a cost that won’t crush your bottom line.

Your standard logistics broker that seems to do “everything” is going to quote you as a full truckload, even if your machine only takes up a small percentage of the trailer.

At Kaiser Logistics however, we only quote you for the space and weight your machine fills on our trailer. We do this for multiple customers, shipping to similar locations to help fill the trailer, saving everyone money. 

The Benefits of Using Kaiser’s Open-Deck LTL Model

Open-Deck LTL freight shipping has many benefits, yet not everybody is aware of them. We have included a few of the top benefits below for you. However, you should keep in mind these are just the basics!

Save Money 

One of the biggest benefits of using our Open-Deck LTL model is a reduction in your transportation costs. Instead of paying for a full shipment, you only pay for the portion that you use.  Big or small, you get the exact same customer service (or BETTER) than if you were to run with a truckload carrier.

Save the Environment!

By using Kaiser’s Open-Deck LTL model, it allows multiple pieces of freight, which would have otherwise shipped alone, to ship together! We average anywhere between 3-5 pieces of freight on a trailer. If these were to have shipped separately, say from Los Angeles, CA to Chicago, IL, we would have used approximately 1,980 gallons of fuel. By shipping together, we use approximately 396 - saving about 1,584 gallons!! This is not only a savings we can pass to our customers but a great way to contribute to a greener world!

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