What Is LTL Open-Deck Trailer Space Sharing?


What is the meaning of Open-Deck LTL Shipping?

LTL: "Less Than Truckload."
Let's say you have a single large machine you need to ship, but it definitely doesn't fill up an entire semi truck of space. LTL freight is the way to transport that item in an efficient way without paying for an entire truck. This is better for the shipper, who only pays for the space they need on our trailer. Other customers with complementary loads take up other space on the trailer, and everybody saves.

Small businesses save money using LTL instead of paying for a full truckload.

The bottom line: LTL saves you time and money.
It's very efficient and cost effective and is a shipping option your business should be aware of. Learning how the LTL industry works can help you maximize your shipments to the greatest effect.

Kaiser Logistics is the leader in open-deck LTL. We decided to focus exclusively on optimizing our LTL shipments to get the most efficient, affordable, and safe transportation for our customers' freight, and it's packaged with unrivaled customer service and support. Many trucking companies offer LTL shipping, but they don't offer the deep expertise that comes from a team like Kaiser who specializes in LTL.

What Sets Kaiser Apart?

We are 100% committed to our customers. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations with every load and delivery. We make every step of your delivery easy. 

  • 24/7 customer service by phone.
  • GPS tracking, so you know where your shipment is at all times.
  • Great relationships with riggers and other freight securement professionals to make your job easy and give you peace of mind.

On-Time Delivery

Will my shipment arrive on time if the whole truck isn’t coming to me?


This is where we shine. Open-Deck LTL loads are our specialty, and we’re very good at it. Kaiser was one of the first companies to start offering LTL, and we have been perfecting our LTL logistics process for 24 years. Other companies don't have Kaiser's experience, expertise, or specialization. 

LTL shipments are also more eco-friendly, since they consolidate loads that would otherwise take up two or more trucks. This lowers emissions, reduces carbon footprints, and helps us and our customers do our part to save the planet.

I need to ship a FULL truckload. Can Kaiser still help?

Kaiser Logistics does that, too! You can still contact us about a full truckload shipment. We will make sure it's treated with the same care and quality as all of our LTL shipments.

Kaiser has earned the trust of thousands of customers, and we promise to earn your trust as well.