About Us

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Our History

We started as a brokerage division for a trucking company, but we realized we could help more people “win” logistical challenges as our own organization. So, in 2003, we officially established ourselves as Kaiser Logistics, Inc., built on the belief that freight should always ship in the most strategic way.

With a passion for problem-solving, our founder set out to pave a new lane in the transportation industry. This resulted in the application of less-than-truckload (LTL) to open-deck trailers, allowing people to only pay for the space they need on trailers that, historically, have been truckload only.

large industrial machinery

As we grow, we continue to follow the same innovative mindset that led to this trailer space sharing model. Our focus on using real-world experience to help people find transportation solutions specific to their needs has allowed us to become a logistical leader. We’ve been able to grow our capacity to include more specialty trailers and truckload services while remaining grounded in our foundation of reliability and personal service.

Today, we are a team of real people with real knowledge and real passion for helping people like you win logistical challenges.

Our Mission

To exceed customer expectations from quote to delivery by providing personal, reliable service while maintaining positive relationships with our contracted carriers.

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Our Values

It’s all in our name!

Knowledge. Because of our history and where we started, we have one-of-a-kind knowledge of the ins and outs of the transportation industry. Having a comprehensive understanding of transportation processes allows us to provide more strategic and proactive logistical services that you can't find anywhere else.

Alignment. We are constantly communicating with our team, our contract carriers, and our customers every step of the way. One part of the supply chain impacts the rest so we understand the importance of keeping everyone on the same page. The better aligned each part of the transportation process is, the smoother everything goes. 

Innovation. What really sets us apart is our ability to provide LTL services on open-deck trailers, including flatbeds, step-decks, and double drops. We didn’t become an industry leader by taking the easy route – we saw a challenge and drove towards it.

Service. As a family-owned company, personal service is at the core of what we do. We have always believed that truly getting to know your needs and your freight is the difference between average service and exceptional service. In fact, we call on every single pick-up and delivery to make sure we maintain our 99.5% satisfaction rating. 

Experience. We don’t just have 20+ years of experience as a logistics provider – we have 20+ years of experience in a niche, challenging mode of logistics. Each open-deck shipment is different and requires both a special skillset and genuine passion for the work to be arranged successfully.

Reliability. We have longstanding relationships with our carrier network. These connections allow us to pass along benefits to our customers that can’t be found anywhere else. We understand that when we work together, everyone wins.

At Kaiser, we live by the mantra:

“If we don’t serve the customer, someone else will.”

This philosophy has helped us sustain our extraordinary service achievements for over 20 years and will continue to be the driving force behind us as a logistical leader. 

large industrial machinery