Frequently Asked Questions

“What is open-deck LTL?”

It is the application of LTL to open-deck trailers. “LTL,” or less-than-truckload, refers to shipments that do not require the entire capacity of the trailer. “Open-deck” refers to trailers that aren’t enclosed, such as flatbeds, step-decks, and double drops. Applying this trailer space sharing model provides the same benefit of standard LTL – only paying for the space you need.

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“What is a third-party logistics provider, or 3PL?”

Third-party logistics providers are like a puzzle piece, filling a supply chain gap based on business need(s). 3PLs are typically utilized for operations that a business may not have the time and/or resources to manage internally. This can include transportation, warehousing, and more.

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“What can you tell me about the carriers in your network?”

We don’t work with just anyone because we know your freight isn’t just any shipment. Our team finds professional, reliable carriers to transport your freight. We go above and beyond to build a network of quality carriers, including verifying each carrier’s insurance and operating authority.

“What happens if the freight gets damaged?”

Damage prevention is a priority; however, if your freight is damaged in transit, please contact us immediately to initiate the claims process. Photos of damage(s) will be requested, so we recommend having them handy so we can process the claim as quickly as possible.

“Can you guarantee a delivery date?”

We offer a range of delivery dates for freight shipped as LTL. Please let us know if you have specific delivery requirements and we will work with you to accommodate your needs.

"Are you going to transload the freight?"

To maximize the open-deck LTL model and give you the best pricing possible, your freight may be moved between pick-up and delivery. If you prefer your freight not to be transloaded, we can provide “load to ride” or “no touch” services at an additional fee.

"Do I need to have a Freight Class when calling?"

No. While this is the norm with van LTL, it is not something we require to get you a quote.

"Do you have insurance?"

Yes! We are happy to send you a copy of our Certificate of Insurance at your request.

"How do you calculate rates?"

Shipping rates are generally calculated based on the size, weight, and total travel distance. We also consider other factors, such as delivery appointments and tarping requirements.

“What do I need to have ready when shipping freight?”

All you need is a Bill of Lading (BOL) – a document to acknowledge receipt of cargo. BOLs may include details about each piece, such as the type of commodity, condition, and addresses of pickup/delivery. If you don’t have one or aren’t quite sure what to provide, we are happy to assist.

"Can you ship oversize freight?"

Yes! Our contract carriers can accommodate oversize freight, whether over height, over width, or both. The max weight capacity is 48,000 lbs. However, our carrier network can occasionally accommodate units up to 55,000lbs depending on need. If you’re not sure where your freight fits, give us a call!

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